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Tearing Down Barriers

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The growing relationship in Uncrossable Barries between Margaret ‘Retti’ Simpson and Mitchel Barker is on shaky ground. The two are trying to wrestle through the emotional upheaval brought on by community gossip, personal threats, and arson. Trusting God as she never has before, Retti depends on God’s strength and love to enable her to withstand the periods of returning anxiety and fear that want to convince her that a future with Mitchel can’t be possible. Trusting in God’s love and Mitchel’s support, Retti strives to believe she will overcome all doubts of the relationship with Mitchel succeeding and that truth will set her free from a past that wants to envelop her again.

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Premier Romance/Suspense Novel by Ellen D. Miller

Margaret was living with a secret that shaped her life for thirteen years. When Mitchel returned to his hometown of Marston, his attempts to re-establish the deep friendship he and Margaret had once had might have resulted in putting Margaret’s life in danger. Would the growing relationship between them survive? Could the love of a childhood friend help Margaret find her way out of the bondage of fear?

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Well written November 11, 2020:  Format: Paperback I love a well written, great story and clean mystery.
This mystery fits all of those. Definitely looking forward to more like thisView this book’s reviews on Amazon

Good review September 24, 2020: Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase This was a great read. Good to enjoy while curling up for a few evenings of reading.
I’m looking forward to the authors next book!View this book’s reviews on Amazon

Great Read September 9, 2020 Format : Paperback Really held my interest. Glad it ended with a possibility of a sequel. Easy read. Highly recommend.View this book’s reviews on Amazon

Intriguing, A Must Read September 6, 2020 Format : Paperback Could not put it down. First time in years I stayed up til wee hours of the morning to finish a book. Very well writtenView this book’s reviews on Amazon


Hollis Unwound by [Ellen D. Miller]

Suspense/Romance Novel

by Ellen D. Miller

Still recovering from serious injuries obtained from a gas explosion, Nathan Henderson, a former army cop, and crime analyst finds himself in the middle of a federal chase for a killer from his past. With two local murders and community threats, Hollis’s town is getting wound tight with fear and anxiety. Trusting God to give him stamina and strength while still physically hindered, Nathan works with local and federal agents to assist with analyzing crime files to pull the puzzle pieces together.

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 Intrigued with the first sentence Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2021 Another great read from author Ellen D. Miller. You will instantly feel a connection to the characters and their surroundings